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Thief 2 : The Metal Age (in English, Thief 2: The Metal Age ) is avideo gameofinfiltrationto thefirst persondeveloped by Looking Glass Studios and published by Eidos Interactive the 21 March2000onPC. Like its predecessor Thief: The Guild of Thieves , the game takes place in a universemedievalandsteampunkin which the player Garrett, a thief trained by a secret society operating in a metropolis known as the City. The game boasts improved graphics, new objects like dazzling mines of

As in the first game, the player takes the cynical thief Garrett, former Guardian who lives in a world of inspiration fantasy where live magic and mechanics.

The events take place shortly after the first game . Garrett has little time to recover from his emotions he found embedded in a plot led by a new religious order, the Mechanistic. His investigation is quickly put in opposition to the Sheriff of the City, Gordon Truart, and the leader of Mechanistic, Father Karras, dissenting Mauler. However, it quickly found an ally with Viktoria (who snatched his eye in the first episode), which defends the Gentiles against the mechanistic oppression.

Shortly after the events of the first game, Garrett is given a mission by Basso that could possibly save before. It infiltrates the mansion Lady Rumford, cleans up to allow Basso to go pick the lock of Guinevere and run away. Because of the effectiveness of the new sheriff Gordon Truart who scoured the slums of the city, Garrett is obliged to pay rent to make vulgar burglaries in the cargo area, where he witnessed the metamorphosis of the city : it seems to be taken under the yoke of the sect of Mechanistic gradually supplanting the Hammers with their machinery. He is contacted later by a double agent who infiltrated the charging of a guard, steal evidence and conduct the track to Lieutenant Hagen to confuse. When he finds his sponsor, it betrayed in turn encircled by Garrett in a tavern. However it managed to escape, get her things and find a new hideout. Assured of the involvement of the head of Mechanistic Lord Karras, Garrett infiltrates a church to catch a conversation between Karras and the sheriff Truart: it actually provides beggars, thieves and prostitutes Karras using them as guinea pigs for his experiments . The meeting that was recorded to keep a leverage against Truart Garrett steals the key in which the copper roller is kept and made a double. It thus falls within the First Modernized Urban Bank rob the safe to retrieve the conversation and goes to the mansion to confuse Truart and an explanation as to his persecution. It is thus Truart brutally murdered, and unearths evidence of his murderer: the Lieutenant Mosley. Garrett follows several consecutive nights Lieutenant Mosley who regularly gives up a message into the night. Having got hold of the letter, he realizes that she is in collusion with the Gentiles. The messenger, however, is targeted by the militia of the city and managed to escape. Garrett goes through a magical portal, without equipment, with no alternative but to continue the Pagan by the trail of blood he left in an enchanted forest. He eventually meets Esmeralda who told him to go investigate mechanistic turn. After going through the roof, Garrett arrives too late at the party organized by the Mechanistic. But Karras was absent, registered copper rollers give it the next track: mechanical servants are given to noble families of the city. Karras personally issues a warning to Garrett, he knows his heels.

Garrett trip to an island in search of Lotus, a Pagan, who died in his arms after revealing a project hidden beneath the lighthouse, Cetus Amicus, which is nothing but a submarine. Garrett embarks on the Cetus, to capture Brother Cavador, and finds himself in the Forbidden City invested by Mechanists. Eventually he found the Cavador monitoring route, stun and capture him. Garrett invests a mansion to a marker in the mansion Gervasius, only to return and finally know the purpose of Karras: panic with a gas that has developed and will be distributed via the mechanical servants. Garret to save the city, has no choice but to carry out sabotage in fondière factory at the end of which, fortunately,

The game uses the engine dark engine , already used for the first game. The whole game uses the same mechanics: kinematics describing the events after the previous mission and providing guidance on the mission at hand, followed by a briefing of the various objectives and the ability to purchase additional equipment with the money earned in the previous mission.

Some new features are emerging as the possibility of using Garrett mechanical eye to zoom in, and use of a globe that can be thrown to observe a scene while Garrett is hidden in a corner.

It is also possible to acquire potions parachutes to slow a fall and not to suffer damage, invisibility potions that make Garrett invisible to enemies and flashes mines or gas to stun or sleep prosecutors.

Viktoria will also provide creepers arrows that can cling to any surface and monstrous creature eggs to help Garrett in combat.

The missions are more varied than those of the first game, and correspond more to “work” classic of a thief (a bank robbery, etc.). Depending on the level of difficulty selected, some additional constraints are necessary to the player, who must sometimes carry out its tasks without killing anyone, even without knock person and never be seen, otherwise game over immediate.

In addition there is also Thief 2X with the female version of Garret named Zaya.

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Thief II The Metal Age Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
Memory: 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 2GB HDD
Video Card: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
DirectX®: 7

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