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Do not starve is an action-adventure game with elements of survival horror and roguelike released in 2013. It was developed and published by the company independent game Klei Entertainment . The game was initially released through Steam for Microsoft Windows , OS X and Linux on April 23, 2013, with a version for PlayStation 4 next year. Recently launched Market developers do not starve Pocket Edition is mobile. The DLC Reign of Giants was released on April 30, 2014, and a multiplayer expansion called Do not Starve Together was announced in May. Two more versions of the game were released, on September 2, 2014, was released a port for PlayStation Vita called do not starve: Giant Edition , and May 28, 2015 the same port was released for Wii U , this had Off functionality-TV, playing only with the Gamepad. Finallythe port was released on July 23, 2015 for PlayStation 3 .

The game follows the story of a scientist named Wilson found in a dark, dark world and must survive as long as possible. With this in mind, the player must keep healthy, full Wilson, and mentally stable while avoiding a variety of surreal and supernatural enemies that will try to kill him and eat him. The “Adventure” game mode adds more depth to the thin frame and Wilson faces against the antagonist of the game, Maxwell.

Following the custom of the study to experience a new genre with each release, do not starve was the first attempt to study the survival horror. Conceived during the peak of the industry trend to put players in a world with few instructions and order to survive, the game was influenced by Minecraft , the title that started this trend, as well as by filmmaker Tim Burton . The game was well received by critics, who praised its style original art, music and the variety of ways in which the player can die, although their level of difficulty and the implementation of permanent death were elements that were not so well received. Only in 2013, the game sold more than one million copies.

Wilson, a scientist gentleman, is the protagonist of do not starve . While Wilson has no particular skill other than to grow a “a magnificent beard”, the playable characters do have special abilities. For example, Willow a pyromaniac, is immune to fire and burning objects can ignite when nerviosa.Una girl named Wendy receives visits from her twin sister Abigail when invoked is. A strong man named Wolfgang has more life and offensive skills, but holds less time without comer.WX78, an android that although you need to eat, sleep and stay mentally stimulated, do not get sick from eating rotten food. Wes, a mime which costs kept alive by having very little life, health and food, also carries balloons that inflate him down a little health, and if it hurts buster. Woodie, a woodcutter who has a peculiar ax which cuts trees very fast and can speak, has another bar food, but instead of food is wood, because if woodie cut many trees and do not eat wood is transformed in a beaver for a certain time, in addition also becomes beaver when the moon llena.Y finally Wickerbottom, a librarian who knows many things, you can create books on their own, but the downside of it esque can not sleep, and also hates the food rots.

The antagonist of the game is called Maxwell. Maxwell is described as a puppeteer who is “elegant” and “fragile” in stature. It is part-demon and transforms incrementally as your anger towards the player increases over the five chapters of Adventure. It is the last unlockable character, obtained after completing the story rather than through experience points.

While the game itself begins, Maxwell informs the player mischievously over his gaunt appearance and goes on to explain more about the history of the game, 1 2 The context of the game is told through his trailer. On a dark and stormy night, Wilson does not seem to get anywhere with your expermiento chemistry until your radio scares him to start talking. It tells him that he has realized his problem and has “secret knowledge” to him. When you accept this knowledge raring, a large number of equations and diagrams give you around and you fill your head with this information. Using white rats, a typewriter, and his own blood, among other tools and materials, Wilson creates a giant machine. Radio congratulated him on his work and tells him to pull the lever to start the machine. Hesitates a bit, but at the insistence of the radio, it does; the machine shakes violently and a pair of ghostly arms drag him into a different world where an apparition of Maxwell laughs out loud. 3

When the player wakes up every morning, Maxwell appears on it and make comments. At first he is impressed by the strength of the player; 4 5 then becomes irritated and urges the player to return. 6 offers a truce but then the player gets completely irate. 7

At the end of the adventure, the player arrives at an island called Maxwell’s Island where there is a hall Maxwell. Maxwell finds the player trapped in a throne surrounded by small stone pillars. At the beginning the player can not release it , 8 but then finds a lock, 9 as a key. 10 player frees Maxwell, but it becomes a skeleton and disintegrates when standing up. Ghostly arms of the introduction then grab the player and tie the throne. An epilogue implies that the player takes the role of Maxwell similar to using the new powers that the throne gave villain, but still be trapped forever.

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Screenshots of Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
Processor:1.7+ GHz or better.
Memory:1+ gigs of RAM GB RAM.
Graphics:Radeon HD5450 or better; 256 MB or higher.
Hard Drive:500 MB HD space.
Sound:100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers.

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