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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number The – Computer indie game in the genre of 2D the Top-Down The the action , designed Dennaton Games is . Publisher is Devolver the Digital . The game takes place before and after the events of the first part , but the story focuses on the events that took place after the destruction Jacket (the protagonist of the first part) of the Russian mafia on the instructions received from the cryptic messages on the phone [3] .Hotline Miami 2 is the latest game in the series.

The gameplay is largely similar to the first part, but unlike it in the Wrong Number appeared difficulty levels (classical and complex), complex level is unlocked after beating the game on a classical complexity. At all levels it flipped, they appear more serious opponents, and the fixation on the targets can not be used [24] .

The game has 13 characters controlled. Each of them has their own vision of history, like Jacket and bikers in the original game. Masks from the first part again appeared in the game, and also added new masks that give new abilities. Each character has special abilities: Corey can make rolls under enemy fire, the brand has two machine guns, which he can shoot in all directions, spreading out his hands, Alex and Ash using a chainsaw and gun respectively, Tony does not use a weapon, but his punches are lethal [ 25] .Announced the release of the game with a level editor was released in autumn 2015.

The plot of the game served ragged narrative, and jumps from one time period to another. It covers events before, during and after the events of the original game.

1985. The Cold War with the Soviet Union passed into hot, Hawaii are fighting. In the middle of the action group “Ghost Wolf”, which include Dan Smith, nicknamed “The Beard”, “Jacket”, the protagonist of the first part, and two other soldiers. States are losing on all fronts, and the squad given the order to take the most dangerous Soviet area, including power. During the last job two soldiers allegedly killed, while Beard Jacket pulls out before the explosion power. Get into a fuss Beard sends an emergency message about the evacuation of plain text with no encryption, exposing themselves and the whole operation to the enemy. All soldiers are spreading, and Beard moved to San Francisco, where, how and dreamed of opening his shop. However, six months later, the Soviet Union dumped a nuclear bomb on the San Francisco to put an end to the war.

Following the results of the signing of the peace treaty Russian can live in America and freely and with impunity to do whatever you want. The Government refers to General, former Colonel unit “Ghost Wolf” for help against the Russian mafia that thrives in America for 4 years. It creates an organization “50 blessings” that employs a variety of murderers to perform their tasks to sweep Russian headquarters, exposing these attacks as the bandits, who themselves subscribe to this work and can not just quit. In addition Jacket and bikers in the workers’ organizations included nationalist Jake and Richter. Jake is killed by stripping another of Staff of the Russian mafia, but if he could avoid this fate, he later removes agent “50 blessings” to protect the secrecy of the organization.

After the events of the first part of the law enforcement agencies arrested Jacket. In court Jacket he claims that the murder of his Russian mafia pushed, thereby knocking the investigation, since it only knew that in fact he worked for the General. Many see him as the bloody adventures of heroism, among them – “Fans”, a group of five people, former members of the military actions in Hawaii. Writer Evan wrote a book about the adventures of Jacket, gathering evidence from his friend Detective Manny Pardo. On the motives of these murders filmed “The Midnight Beast” with actor Martin Brown in the title role. After the murder of the Russian mafia boss her by his son, who is trying to regain its leading position in the Mafia, destroying the Colombian Cartel.

Most of the characters are killed during the events of this part. Martin Brown was killed while filming a gun with real bullets. One of the mercenaries of the Russian mafia was killed by a fan after he left the mafia, she left him, and he took the drugs mafia production. Fans stormed the headquarters of one of the Russian mafia, but all are killed by the hands of the Son. Later it turns out that the Son during the assault he used the new mafia product, followed by the arrival of a powerful narcotic breaks down from the roof, killing 4 fans and several of his men. Tony, the only survivor, pulls the body of Mark and Cory in the room, but then Detective Pardo kills him. Each of them before his death, meets Richard – hallucination in the form of a man in a rooster mask, which tells everyone that their actions lead them to death, but the characters do not attach any importance to this. All the characters, somehow survived the events of the game, destroyed as a result of the final action that puts an end to the story Hotline Miami.

Among other things, the writer Evan associated with Richter, who is going to escape from the “50 Blessings” in Hawaii and asks Evan to pay for a ticket to his mother in exchange for his story. It turns out that the organization led him to carry out the murder, threatening to kill his elderly and sick mother. After the assassination of the current Jacket girls on the orders of the organization Richter imprisoned, sent to his agent to eliminate it, but Richter kills him, and later during a riot escapes undercover policeman. Detective Pardo is investigating the mysterious murder of an unknown “Butcher of Miami”, which leaves no clues at the crime scene; Detective also uses his position to kill different groups of criminals. Later, however, he has a nightmare in which he reveals, trying to arrest and kill police, proving the fact that Pardo is the “Butcher of Miami,” which his murder wants to attract attention and achieve fame. After a nightmare Pardo barricades in the house hoping to conceal their involvement in the crimes. Attempts to write a book about Evan Jacket marred when his family could fall apart because of his addiction to work on the book; the same Richard confirms in hallucinations, which also explains that his book will not matter. A player can make a choice: either to continue to build upon the book, or to be reunited with his family.

At the end of the game, Hawaii, Richter and his mother watching an emergency report from the scene of the murder of US presidents and the Soviet Union, allegedly killed by hitmen from the organization. Richard appears that says Richter, that subsequent events can not be changed, and Richter agrees. President of the USSR recognize the killing as an act of aggression and dumping nuclear bombs on Hawaii and Miami. All remaining characters are killed. The last scene shows the prisoner Jacket before the explosion.

When the development of non-canonical story Evan finds a dead body on Jake diskette presumptive address “50 blessings” and came to the place, he finds Richard and the organization of killers who ask leave of the hero, and Evan is subject. This mission leaves a lot of ambiguities and questions.

At the beginning of the game on the highest difficulty level all dead story characters appear at the table and forced to enter into a dialogue with Richard, who again warns that their actions eventually came to nothing lead. All the characters die in the order in which die in the game, but Beard dies last; before that, he recognizes the familiar Richard, and Richard tells him that he did not want his beard all this and would like to meet under other circumstances. After Richard projector includes the movie “Midnight Beast”, and all the characters are forced to go through all of the events again..

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Hotline Miami 2 Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista, 7 or 8.
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better .
RAM: 1 GB.
GPU: OpenGL 3.2 compatible.
Required HDD: 600 MB.
Required VRAM: 256 MB.

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