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FTL: Faster Than Light is a video game RTS and style roguelike developed as independent by Subset Games and published on 14 September 2012. In the game, the player controls the crew of a spaceship and must carry information vital to the allied fleet over several star systems while being pursued by rebel forces and other hostile groups.

FTL was initially conceived by Justin Ma and Mattew Davis, the only two developers Subset Games, as a concept for competitions independent game development companies. After receiving positive reviews at these events, Ma and Davis decided to take the game to Kickstarter , where raised more than 20 times than necessary. Since its publication in 2012, FTL has been a commercial success and critical, and is the first game to do so after being fully funded through crowdfunding .

In FTL, the player controls a spaceship capable of traveling at speeds superluminal ( faster-than-light in English). The ship is part of the Federation, which is about to collapse after losing a war with rebel forces advocating human supremacy. The crew of the ship intercepts a data packet containing information that could cause chaos among the rebels and ensure a victory for the Federation. The goal is to reach the headquarters of the Federation, which is waiting for several space systems away, while you should avoid being destroyed or captured by the rebels.

At the start, the player should choose a spaceship that comes with several rooms where there are specific ship systems (engines, weapons, life support, etc.), and crew. The game randomly generates several space sectors, with about twenty points of interest in each. The player must travel above the speed of light between these points, usually without knowing what awaits you in each of them to reach the “exit” leading to the next sector until finally reaching the sector’s Federation.

Points may include stores where the player can buy systems for their ship, ammunition, recruit crew, and make repairs to his helmet in exchange for scrap metal (the currency in the game). Other points can be the source of emergency calls by ships are stranded or traps rebels or other hostile groups. Some destinations may present environmental hazards that adversely affect the ship or its functions: the asteroid fields continuously damage to ships, nebulas disturb the sensors, and flashes of giant stars cause fires inside the ship. hostile ships may appear in these places and often attack the player and must be destroyed or attacked to offer their surrender. During the attacks the game becomes a space combat simulator in real time in which the player can pause the game to assess the situation and give orders.

During the combat scenes, the player can manage Shipsystems distributing power, ordering the crew to repair stations or specific rooms, and shoot weapons against the enemy ship. When an attack by either side is successful it can cause damage to the systems of ships, disabling their duties until they are repaired by the crew, leave hull damage which if not repaired by the crew begins to expel oxygen space, cause a fire inside the ship that does not stop until it is extinct by the crew or run out of oxygen and cause direct damage to the hull, which reduces life points hull (these can be recovered in stores, allied bases, random events and robots repair center). The ships are destroyed once their life points are reduced to zero, or expired when his crew is eliminated. When the player is victorious receives several resources to make purchases, upgrades to your ship or its combat capabilities, while a victory for the enemy resulting in the termination of the game, erasing the saved game and forcing the player to start over. The player can also avoid a fight to make the jump to another point after the engine of the ship is loaded.

Initially only you have access to a ship, the cruiser class Kestrel. By completing goals you can unlock up to eight more ships. Each ship has a secondary design – a combination of different colors, other equipment, and other crew – which can also be unlocked by meeting goals. Each ship design focuses on a different playing style; The list includes specialized ships in combat, androids systems, sigilio, and others. FTL also has an achievement system that have no impact on the game itself. The game also allows the user to install modifications to alter any of the configurations of the vessels.

FTL was the result of the development team of two people Subset Games, Matthew Davis and Justin Ma. Both are former employees of studio Shanghai from 2K Games , where they met and became friends. 2 Ma, who is considered a master of many trades, had tired of working in a large study, and then travel to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and have seen the Independent Games Festival , he realized he wanted to become a developer independent . 2 Davis had left 2K Games in early 2011, and after traveling by bicycle by China, returned and joined Ma, who also had recently resigned, and began work on the foundations of FTL. 3 agreed to work on the development of the game for a year and if their efforts yielded no fruit, then devote to other things. 2

The idea of the game was inspired by games such as Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game , and video games that are not strategic as Star Wars: X-Wing , where the player must manage and allocate energy in your ship to handle situations that arise in the best way possible. 3 Unlike most space simulators, “the concept was something as simple as wanting to put the player in the commander ‘s seat rather than the pilot , ” said Davis, 4 and, in the words of Ma, make “the player Sienda like Captain Picard instructing his engineers to re-activate the shields.” 2 The intention was to make the game feel like a “suicide mission” and adjusted various elements of the game to anticipate a success rate of 10%. They used Super Meat Boy as an example of a game designed to be “challenging but not frustrating , ” Ma said, noting that virtually there was nothing to prevent the players resume the game after a failed attempt; when considering to lose FTL meant the player had to restart the game, they felt that there should be some barrier so that the player can start a new game. 5 also felt that every defeat was a learning experience for the player, providing the necessary battles to know that they must fight or when leaving an unwinnable battle knowledge. 5 The permanent effect of errors in each game were a crucial element that wanted to include, and certain elements such as permanent death emphasized this approach. 5

Preliminary versions used primitive art resources to enable them to focus on the game. This helped them focus on allowing players to spend more on developing the characters they controlled, allowing your imagination fill in the blanks that once the graphics did not. 2 Just began to focus on art six months after development began when he approached the Game Developers Conference in August 2011 in China; Ma and Davis planned to show the game at GDC Independent Games Festival that year. 3 4 The game became a finalist in the IGF competition in China, and from this was that the press started to cover on the game. 6 The magazine PC Gamer offered a preview of the game that created even anticipation for the title for the Independent Games Festival in 2012 Game Developers Conference in March 2012. 7 The service cloud gaming OnLive included FTL and other finalists Independent Games Festival during the weeks surrounding the conference. 8 9 During the festival, FTL was nominated for the Grand Prize and the Prize for Excellence in Design, and although he did not win either of these nominations served to attract even more attention to the game. 6 Davis believed that participation in these competitions game was important to keep the development of the game as the term had stipulated, as judges and journalists would be waiting playable prototypes of FTL. 10 Davis believed that the publicity generated being part of these competitions, even if they were not nominated for an award, helped make the general public more interested in FTL. 10

Subset Games had initially planned to work on the game for a period of about three months after having saved enough to cover their expenses aproxidamente one year. 5 The extra attention she was getting the game forced them to expand development, making it a two – year process, and was so turned to Kickstarter to fund the finishing touches of the game plus all the costs associated with its launch, by which set a target of financing $ 10,000. 11 The moment they began their campaign in Kickstarter was very favorable, as they followed in the footsteps of the hugely successful campaign Double Fine Adventure in March 2012, 12 in addition to atrayeron the attention of major developers like Ken Levine and Markus Persson; 4 with this leap in interest in games financed crowdfunding, Subset Games was able to collect a total of US $ 200,000 in the campaign. 11 FTL became one of the first games to emerge from this group of games thus financed, and showed that this type of financing mechanisms can be used to support the development of video games. 12

With this extra funding, Subset considered the possibility of adding more content to the game in exchange for postponing the release date. They finally chose to make small improvements to the game, extending the development period of just one month, and indicating that they would use the remaining funds for future development kickstarter project. 5 The additional funds allowed them to pay licensing libraries and Applications middleware to improve game performance. 5 In addition, they could tercializar other game resources; In this sense additional scripts and design of the world that were made by Tom Jubert (stand Penumbra , San Francisco Driver ,) 5 while the music was composed by Ben Prunty. 13 Prunty contacted with Subset Games through another game developer, Anton Mikhailov, who was a mutual friend between Prunty and Davis. Prunty had already made a couple of music tracks to Subset before Kickstarter, but with success, finally able to pay for a full soundtrack. Prunty retained the rights to the soundtrack, and has since been distributed through Bandcamp. 13 Prunty wanted to create an interactive soundtrack that changed each time the player entered or left a battle; for this purpose he wrote a version of “Exploration” (out of combat) for each song calmer, and on that basis created a version of “Battle” greatest impact. Within the game, both versions of the song sound at once, and the game is responsible for making the transition from versions according to the present action. 13

Subset Games has indicated that probably will not believe a direct sequel to FTL, although future games that have plans may include similar concepts that were introduced in FTL. 5 is unlikely to use Kickstarter as a method of financing, as they have managed to raise enough money through sales of FTL to continue funding future projects.

In November 2013, Subset announced that FTL: Advanced Edition was developing and would add several new events, ships, equipment , and other features to the game. This version was released on April 3, 2014 as a free upgrade for those who already have FTL , and as a separate launch for the iPad , with the possibility of future releases on other mobile platforms. 14 15 Chris Avellone was announced as a ‘special guest writer’ in the project. 15 16 An important addition to the game is a new playable race, the lanius, metallic forms of life that reduce oxygen levels in any room in which they are. 17

Additional components added to the game include “Bay of Cloning” which replaces the medical bay by creating clones of members of the dead crew in exchange for a small penalty against their skills, hackers drones that can attack specific systems on an enemy ship, control units minds to turn enemy crews and battery systems to provide short pulses of energy in tense situations. A further difficulty mode (hard) is also available. All these elements expansion content can be disabled within the game if so preferred.

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Screenshots of Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light Minimum System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8.
Intel Mac OSX 10.5.8+, or Linux (x86 or x86_64)
Processor: 2 GHz.
RAM: 1 GB.
Hard drive space: 175 MB.
Video: OpenGL 2.0, minimum resolution of 1280×720, dedicated card recommended.

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