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Stardew Valley is an RPG game indie farming simulation developed by and published by ConcernedApe Chucklefish Games . The game was released for Microsoft Windows on 26 February 2016. Versions for Mac OS X and Linux are also under development and should be released later in 2016. [ 1 ]

Stardew Valley was heavily inspired by the series Harvest Moon , with additions by the game ‘s creator, Eric Barone, to address some of the shortcomings of these games, taking the opportunity as an exercise to improve their own programming and game design skills. Barone developed the title on their own over four years and interacted frequently with players who were interested in the title to get feedback. Chucklefish Games Barone approached with the offer to publish the title midway development, allowing Barone focus more on completing the game he wanted to do.

Stardew Valley is a farm simulation game primarily inspired by the video game series Harvest Moon . Earlier in the game, the player creates his character, and he becomes the recipient of a piece of land and a small house that was once his grandfather in a small town called Stardew Valley. The player can select one of five types of farm according to your preference in playing style, as a more pilhamento opportunities of land, with more resource mining, and one with a fishing river. The farm field is initially overflowed stones, trees, trunks and bushes, and the player must work to clean them to start the farm, tending the crops and livestock to generate profits and be able to further expand the buildings and resources of the farm .

The player can also interact with non-playable characters (NPC) that inhabit the city, including the ability to enter into relationships with these characters; this can lead to marriage, which takes the NPC to help the player to run the farm. The player can also do fishing, cooking, building objects, and also explore caves generated procedurally with materials and ores to mine or battle the creatures inside. The player can accept various missions to earn extra money, or work on specific materials collections offered in the city’s Community Center to earn additional rewards. All these activities are measured with the current life of the character, his level of exhaustion, and the internal clock of the game. If the character get too exhausted, he will be brought back to your home with energy and life restored in the morning the next day, but having lost the opportunity to continue the next day ‘s activities. If the character to lose a lot of life, he will lose most of their energy and a random amount of money and items. The game uses a simplified calendar, each year having only months 28 days representing each station , which determines which plants can grow and what activities can be beneficial. The character is evaluated from its third year. There is no end to complete the game.

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Screenshots of Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista or greater.
Processor: 2 Ghz.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+ or higher
DirectX: Version 10.
Storage: 500 MB available space.

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