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In Psychonauts , the player controls Together (briefly from Razputin), a mysterious newcomer to the training camp for psychonauts – elite special agents, who use their psionic abilities to fight the psycho terrorists and read the thoughts of people. During his studies, he discovers that the leader Oleander kidnaps Cadets in order to capture their brains . Just have to prevent him from using them to create psionic weapon .

Adventures take place in the summer camp “Whispering Stone” where cadets are trained psi-abilities to become agents-Psychonauts. A place where there is a camp was formed many years ago after falling on the ground of the meteorite from psitaniya (an element that allows to study the psi skills or reinforce existing ones). In the early years of settlement areas on the site of a meteorite, many of the settlers began to go mad . Was built a madhouse , ” the number of patients in which exceeded the number of inhabitants of the city ” [3] . But the people continued to arrive, and it was decided to evict them, and the crater where the meteorite fell, flooding. So there was a lake Oblongata. Despite this, the Psychonauts use psitaniya deposits for training young psychonauts.

Psitaniya side effect has not bypassed and wildlife. Bears began to attack from a distance, using psycho-claws, and cougars learned Pyrokinesis . Additionally, rats in the upper levels of the old “psihushki” steel kamikadze – at the first meeting with anything or anyone they blow itself. One turtle was the sound due to the size of his brain and asked to call himself “Mr. Pokelup”.

After the speech coach Oleander before the Cadets, Raza discovered eavesdropper on the tree. Oleander and agents Sasha Nayn and Milla Vodello trying to explore his mind in order to determine who he is and where it came from, but it just has a surprisingly strong mental defenses , unusual for untrained teenagers. This force is admired by some residents of the camp and the envy of others. But the charter camp does not allow the train times. And, while the boy’s parents did not come, he is allowed to stay on vacation, but strictly forbidden to attend classes.

However, the next morning Oleander allows Raza to take part in an introductory course of summer camp – basic training for new recruits. During the preparation time he got into a strange room, at the end of which sees the curtain. When he tries to touch her, he was rudely throws coach. Nine Agent expresses interest in mental talents Raza and requests to visit him psiholaboratoriyu, where he could explore the mental capacity Raza. Brain switch – a huge, this hair dryer machine, is connected to the collective unconscious , it allows Raza explore his own mind.

From left to right: Agent Sasha Nein, Coach Oleandr, Raz, Agent Milla Vodel
Inside, he finds a dark silhouette of a strange creature that spits in his diving helmet , it scares Raza, so Sasha disconnects it from the device. Sasha decides to spend with Raz tutoring and teach him how to use the psi-shot, so that he could defend himself. Once it gets into the mind of Sasha and studying basic techniques for mind control. After successful training once penetrates into your consciousness and see visions: his Dogen concluded one in the tower, and it explores the crazy doctor who claims that only a sick body boy – his own brain. And, as a dentist , the doctor offers to pull the “sore tooth” Dogen. Again attempts to rescue a comrade, but collides with an obstacle – he can not get to the top of the tower. To continue your journey, he has to learn levitation .

Back in the real world, Razputin meets Dogen brain which, as it turned out, mysteriously disappeared. He’s trying to talk about what he had learned, but no one except his new friend – Lily Zanotti does not believe him. Just come to class Milla Vodello to learn to levitate. After that, it returns to its vision and use the learned skill level reaches the top of the tower. Razputin there is a plan to conquer the world with the help of psycho-tanks , which use a child’s brain. The model of one of them placed the brain Dogen, and the Raza have to fight with the tank . After destroying it, he finds himself in the real world, having seen that psy-tank scheme is for that same curtain in the minds of the coach, which means that he is behind everything happening. In addition, he learns that the next person on the list in the brain abduction worth another child – his girlfriend Lily Zanotti.

In just a few hours of time to the brains of the gulf of almost all the children from the camp, as the sole active psychonauts Sashu Nayna and Milla Vodello sent on “special investigation”. It never stays to help Ford Kruller .

That same night, under the control of huge oleander lungfish Linda from Lake Oblongata kidnaps Lily. Once it decides to stop and using a bathysphere, fights thief. After that, he enters into the consciousness of lungfish and frees her from Oleander control. Grateful accompanies fish once a mental hospital Thorney Tower, where is Lily.

However Thorney Tower is closed, and the only person who is next – Boyd – seems completely insane. He argues that the keys to the clinic is only for Milkman, who disappeared. To sort things out and get inside Razputinu have to sneak into Boyd’s mind and in the process of cure.

After rescuing Boyd Once it gets into the territory of the hospital, but to find Lily he has to cheat myopic nurse Crispin, exposing himself to his immediate superior – Lobot doctor who is an accomplice Oleander. To do this, he needs to take things one by one, which will allow him to achieve similarity with the doctor, other patients: the statuette in the form of prosthetic hands for Gloria von Hutten, a failed actress; straitjacket Fred Bonaparte, a distant descendant of Napoleon; and a portrait of Dr. Edgar crucibles, unlucky in love of the artist on black velvet. Having been in their minds, once they heal from mental illness and get these items as a token of gratitude.

Penetrating deeper into the corridors of the madhouse, once he found the brains of many of his comrades, who refers to the shelter Krullera Ford, for the return of these same brain directly to the owner. Finally, reaching the very top of the tower Thorney Tower, once rid of Lobot using the assistant doctor, Shigar and her pet, Mr. Pokelupa. There he finds Nain and Vodello agents, which with the assistance of the former assistant doctor returns brains. Together they, along with free Lily Zanotti, which recognizes that ” in the brain Raza one in a thousand .”

He agrees with this and came to the rescue in time Oleander, still eager to take over the world. Psi battle ends vychihivaniem oleander own brain.

However, Oleander is not defeated – his brain independently reached the psi tank and brought it into action. In order to win the car, Raza have to connect your brain to the brain Oleander and fight against both his own and his demons. On Razputinu comes to the rescue of his father, who also is the owner of psychic abilities. Together, they help oleander once again become the same, but once it becomes’ youngest ever produced in Psychonauts “. The game ends with the appointment Razputina on his first assignment.

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Psychonauts Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98 SE/2000/XP.
Processor: 1.0 GHz Pentium(R) III and AMD Athlon(tm)
RAM Memory: 256 MB of RAM.
Graphics: 64 MB GeForce ™ 3 or higher or ATI(R) Radeon 8500 or higher (except GeForce 4 MX and Go series)
DirectX®: version 9.0 or higher (included with game)

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