The game begins with the protagonist in training (called Ninja during the game), who will have to save his Sensei from the Ranx where he was sent by the nemesis of the Ninja, the Emperor O-Dor. The goal of the Ninja will be to beat the Ranx to save your Sensei.

Thus, a creature is sent against the Ninja, but they easily get rid of it. The creature, however, spits a stone of anger that touches Ninja and getting angry accidentally kills Sensei. Sensei returns as a ghost to guide Ninja, informing him that there are more stones of anger and with their power, he can defeat the emperor O-Dor. So, Sensei da a Ninja aims to find the second stone of anger at Robot Beach. So Ninja will find himself reaching the place.

Ninja arrives at Robot Beach and is hired to rebuild Tekeyama, a giant robot who watched over Robot Beach before Kyza drove her to the ground. Ninja reconstructs Tekeyama and starts fighting Kyza where he defeats him. Inside Kyza, there is a stone of rage and the Ninja recovers it. Ninka does not find himself able to control the stone at first, and looks around the area before heading for the next level. The keeper of Robot Beach and creator of Tekeyama, Yang, thanks to Ninja opens the gate for Bomb Bay, the position to reach for the next Stone of Rage.

Ninja arrives at Bomb Bay where he defends the city from many of the dangers that Ranx has created. Ninja then finds a submarine inside a giant bomb and fights the mechanical fish, then defeats Ventis for another rock of anger. Ninja then meets the guardian of Bomb Bay, Aria. If someone saves Aria from something, always reward his hero with hugs and kisses, and Ninja will be no exception. Then he tries to hug him, while he strives to do no harm with the power of the stone of anger. Ninja opens the gate and moves away from Aria, not before calling a “fish girl” (robot of a siren) and walking away.

The next area where Ninja enters are the Jungle Falls that are overwhelmed by the submarine demon, Psyamon. Ninja saves the jungle by defeating the Ranx. When Psyamon finds Ninja, Ninja is not ready to fight, so he will have to find a combat suit that destroys the demon of the subsoil. Ninja then meets Twikki, the guardian of the jungle waterfalls. Ninja also finds a stone of the anger of Emperor O-Dor who uses, despite Twikki’s warning to rescue him from an army of Ranx.

Ninja ventures into the Gorge Mountains where he saves the mountains from the new and more powerful Ranx. After saving the mountains, the Ninja meets O-Dor’s right arm, Malakai, who can control the elements. Ninja wins and takes a moon-shaped rage stone. After a moment of confusion, Ninja tries to use it, but a female ninja, Zarola, tells Ninja that the stone is a Teleport, not a Stone of anger and that will take him to the mysterious base of O-Dor. Zarola informs Ninja of the existence of a last stone, the stone of life that can resurrect the dead or give immortality to the living, offering Ninja the possibility of resurrecting Sensei or living forever. Then, Zarola helps Ninja to tele-carry.

Ninja arrives at the Lunar Base and fights the entire Ranx army until he encounters the hiding Emperor O-Dor. Ninja and O-Dor come across a battle in space until Ninja blows up O-Dor. Ninja then finds the stone of life and decides to use it on himself. Sensei feels disappointed with Ninja’s selfishness and goes away. Ninja begins to feel bad about the response of his sensei and then reminds him, telling him, that “actions speak louder than words”. Ninja throws the stone in the shape of Shuriken to Sensei that will give him back his life. Everything returns to normal, Ninja and Sensei are teleported back to Earth. As soon as they leave, the Emperor O-Dor manages to rise again.

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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Intel Pentium III @ 800 MHz
RAM Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 1.2 GB available space
Video Card: 32 MB
DirectX: 9.0c

How to Install & Play

Extract All Files With WinRAR Enter Password www.pcgamespunch.com
Open “I-Ninja – [www.PcGamesPunch.com]” folder, Then Open “Setup” and Install The Game
After installation open folder where you have installed the game and openĀ “I-Ninja” file to play the game. Enjoy!

Game Size = 929 MB

Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Any Help With Installation Please Visit Installation Help Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Common Errors Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

Game RAR Password = www.pcgamespunch.com

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