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Grand Theft Auto (abridged GTA ) is the set of a video game of action-adventure , available for PC , PlayStation , PlayStation 2 PlayStation Portable , PlayStation 3 respectively 4 , Xbox , Xbox One , Android , iOS ,Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance , developed by Rockstar Games . This series began in 1997 with the game Grand Theft Auto and continues today with Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto can be divided into eras, recognizable by the numbers in the title game (ex. Grand Theft Auto III ) after the original Grand Theft Auto . Each was has a graphics engine differently. The game is developed by Rockstar Games and distributed by Take-Two Interactive .

Most games in the series have action in many cities and regions popular in America: Los Santos (parody of Los Angeles ), Vice City ( Miami ), San Fierro ( San Francisco ), Las Venturas ( Las Vegas ), Liberty City ( New York City ). The first two GTA sites occurred in the 2D world, as GTA 3 will be the first game in the series that makes its debut in the 3D world, thus revolutionizing gaming, among the first 3D games open worldfrom the world. From GTA 3 now, the game is based on an open-world sandbox world that can be explored at will, without limit as long as you’re not on a mission. GTA is a very violent and perverse title, Rockstar having problems with this title, with many moments swearing, rapes and robberies. The last title (GTA V) Rockstar had 2 big problems, first with a girl that was contained in a poster of the game, although it said it would not be approved anything and the second with a mission where you have to torture an Azeri . The company was sued by some mothers who left their children to play, although it is known that the game is included PEGI18+ category. Each title GTA had a protagonist who rises gangster and drug entering the top of the best, but GTA V changed mechanics and revolutionized the series this time the three protagonists simultaneously in the same game, which can be select at any time. Among actors and singers who doubled their characters in the game include Ray Liotta , Burt Reynolds , Dennis Hopper , Samuel L. Jackson , Debbie Harry , Phil Collins , Axl Rose and Peter Fonda . [1]

In the video games Grand Theft Auto especially in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are many myths and legends like Monster Shady Creek, UFO, aliens, Bigfoot, Ghost Clan Ballas Program Epsilon (or cult Epsilon) KACC Lake ghost and Leatherface GTA SA. GTA 3 has also and myths such as ghost towns, Darkel. GTA VC ghost of Victor Vance, Ricardo Diaz Phantom, Phantom boats and submerged body.

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