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Undertale is a role – playing game developed by indie developer and composer Toby Fox. In this game, the player takes control of human / a Frisk young protagonist who has fallen into a subterranean world known as Underground, a huge isolated region below the surface of the earth, separated by a magic barrier. The player encounters various monsters during his mission to return to the surface, mainly through the combat system; this must navigate through mini-attacks bullet hell the opponent, and can choose to pacify or subdue the monsters in order to forgive rather than kill them . These options affect the gameplay, Dialogues, characters and story change depending on the results.

Toby Fox developed the entire game independently, including writing and composition of their music, with only additional illustrations created by artists. It was mainly inspired by the video game sagas role Mother and Mario & Luigi , the game series bullet hell Touhou Project , and British comedy Mr. Bean . Initially he had to have two hours and was scheduled to be published in mid-2014, but development was delayed in the course of the next three years.

It was created with the application GameMaker: Studio , being released 15 of September of 2015 for Microsoft Windows and OS X , as well as GNU / Linux the 17 of July of 2016 , through the platform Steam . Versions ported to the platforms PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vitaare scheduled for launch in mid 2017. Immediately after his release, he was acclaimed for his script, thematic material, intuitive combat system, musical composition and originality, with praise directed his story, dialogue and characters. It sold over a million copies and was nominated for multiple awards and prizes, including as Game of the Year several conventions and video game publications .

This game indie can play well with a control console, using joysticks and various buttons or with the keyboard, using only the arrow keys to move, space bar, and “Z” keys, “X” and ” C “.

The combat system Undertale is in turn consist of two phases: The first phase is defensive, and therefore, the player manages a heart, representing his soul, so that dodge the bullets sent by the enemy to It called bullet hell. The second phase is offensive, in which the player can choose between attacking, use an object, act which is different for each monster and where you can also request specific information such as your armor and attack- or ask for clemency to the contrary no attack.

As the game progresses, new elements, as obstacles of colors that require the player to stay still -represented by little bluish or move through these -represented by color naranja- included. Battles against bosses can also change the way of control of the heart despite causing it and has to jump, causing it to move from one box to another or obtaining a shield among other things.

The form is saved by some yellow stars in the scenarios each distance. In addition to keeping these points fill the player’s health.

If the player manages to reduce the enemy’s life to 0, this will be destroyed by rewarding the player with increased level and extermination points which correspond to the usual points of experience- as well as gold. If the player is appropriate to the various monsters mode, you will be able to forgive them rather than destroying them , ending the fight without getting experience points and getting a reduced amount of gold. 1

During the fighting, monsters even talk to the protagonist with the player himself, breaking the fourth wall – With these interactions, personality, history and feelings of each monster is revealed. Enemy attacks will vary depending on the actions taken by the players making the monster attacks are less aggressive if the player responds with non – violent actions; Instead, the attacks will be more aggressive and difficult to avoid if the player decides to attack.

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Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 128MB
Storage: 200 MB available space

Game Size = 116 MB

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