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Oni is a game that is inspired by Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell , was created by Bungie (Windows and Mac only) and Rockstar Toronto (PS2 only). It was released on 29 as January of 2001 .

It focuses on the missions of agent TCTF (Technological Crimes Task Force ” Task Force Tech Crime “) codenamed “Konoko” which is faced with a group of criminals known as “The Union” (also called “The Organization” and “The Global Coalition Government”) whose leader is Muro. Konoko’s mission is to infiltrate establishments using the Union clandestinely and thwarting Muro.

Oni action takes place around the year 2032. The game world is a dystopia, such contaminated soil remains low habitability. To solve the international economic crisis unspecified, all nations have been combined into a single entity, the World Coalition Government. The government is out of control, telling the people that they really are dangerously toxic are the Nature Reserves , and uses Crimes Task Force Technology, his secret police to spy on citizens and repress the opposition. The player character, the codename of KonokoThe full name later given as Mai Hasegawa, the game starts working for the police. Soon, she learns that her employers had kept secret her past. She turns against them, as he embarks on a quest of self-discovery. The player learns more about the origins of his family while struggling with TCTF and his greatest enemy, the equally monolithic criminal organization called “Union”. At the climax of the game, Konoko discovers a plan “Union” to bring the Conversion Centers Atmospheric treatment plants air needed to keep the majority of the population living world, a bad catastrophic performance. She has partially successful in thwarting the plot, saving a part of humanity.

There are ten weapons in Oni , including pistols, rifles, rocket launchers and energy weapons. Power-ups like “hyposprays” which heals wounds and cloaking devices that make the player invisible; They can be found scattered throughout the levels or bodies. Since the player can only carry one weapon at a time and ammunition is scarce, fight hand to hand is also effective against enemies. The player can punch, kick and throw enemies, moving on later levels open and more combos moves.

There are several kinds of enemies, each with its own style of unarmed combat. Each category is divided into well-ordered with respect to strength levels.

Unlike most console games, Oni does not limit the player to the fight against small groups of enemies in small spaces, each area is completely open to explore. Fourteen levels are of various sizes, some large enough to comprise all of a building. Bungie hired two architects to design the buildings.

Oni engine implements an interpolation method of mounting the frame slip . Animation smoothing complex martial arts moves. However, the sliding frame is a common problem when multiple enemies near the player attacking you.

At first Konoko you encounter many crossroads. The organization takes places as heavy machinery factories, airport, warehouses, and other places to take over certain elements on the sites. Konoko is passionate about the case and agrees increasingly their missions, both she and the TCTF assume that wall up to something serious.

While Konoko tries to discover what it plans the Organization, serious problems begin when men Muro burst into the offices of TCTF and kidnaps a friend of Konoko (Shinatama) in order to attract the attention of Konoko and also do research on Shinatama, which is not human. It is then that disobeying orders Griffin, Konoko goes in search of Shinatama. Griffin to no longer have control over Konoko accuses her of being a traitor and a terrorist and ordered all staff TCTF the capture, dead or alive.

Konoko is now looking for answers. To find out about his past (his roots, his real name, his family) he meets various traps Griffin organized so as Muro, since neither really suited them Konoko knew that information.

The game has two alternate endings before ascertaining the real plan of the Union, which is creating a new breed new resistant toxic atmosphere to thereby control the planet.

Leaving aside the matter of Griffin (murder him or not) Konoko goes in search of his brother to neutralize it.

If Konoko ends with Griffin, once face to face with wall will realize that he has mutated in an incredible way and is now almost invincible.

If Konoko Griffin decides to leave alive, he will face wall along with Griffin and two special officers TCTF that will provide assistance but only against the companions of Muro, who only appear in this final.

The game has many forms of combat. In addition to using different types of weapons (pistols, rifles, nuclear weapons, rocket launchers and machine guns, among other things …), Oni has a system of combat including kicks, punches, combos and special moves to both , as the game progresses, you learn Konoko. Through a menu called “Diary” game shows you the special moves that dominates Konoko and how to perform them, as well as other valuable information for the plot of the game.

Throughout the game one encounters with various characters, here a summary of these.

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Screenshots of ONI

Oni Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 266 MHz Pentium III processor or higher.
RAM: 64MB of RAM.
GPU: Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card (OpenGL compatible).
Video Modes Supported: Voodoo 2+, TNT2+, Rage Pro+, Intel i890.
Supported graphics: 3DFX Voodoo 2, ATI Rage Pro, ATI Rage 128.
OS: Windows 98/ME (with Service Pack 3 or higher)/2000. http://gamesystemrequirements.com/
Store: 800MB free hard disk space.
Note: Only OpenGL, Glide and Software Rendering supported on WindowsNT.

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