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 As in the series of Age of Empires , the player must evolve civilizationals four ages: the age archaic, age classic, the Heroic Age and the mythical age. The game, however, stands out from its predecessors thanks to its 3D engine and new elements of gameplay . The game introduces indeed a stronger differentiation between civilizations, new types of units as heroes or mythical creatures and gods an unprecedented system to unlock divine powers and technologies.
In its release, the game was well received by the press, which emphasizes the quality of its realization and innovations over previous titles developed by the studio. The game met with some commercial success flowing over a million copies in just four months. In 2003 , the game sees with an extension titled The Titans , which includes a new civilization, the Atlante ans, and a new campaign and new units whose powerful Titans. In 2014 , a version of high definition developed by SkyBox Labs is published on Steam entitled Age of Mythology: Extended Edition . Finally in 2016 , the game has a new extension, the result of collaboration of SkyBox Labs with Forgotten Empires , called Tale of the Dragon . The latter includes notably a new civilization, China , and a new campaign.
The game is also focused on Nintendo DS in 2008 as a turn-based strategy called Age of Empires: Mythologies .

Age of Mythology takes place during the antiquity in a world inspired by the mythology and legends of Greece , of Egypt and countries Nordic 1 . The campaign begins in the Atlantis where Arkantos Admiral is responsible for returning the favors of the god Poseidon . It must first defend Atlantis against pirate attacks carried out by the Minotaur Kamos, then he is responsible for assisting Agamemnon in the Trojan War . After a series of skirmishes against Troy – the side of Ajax and Ulysses – they conceive the Trojan horse and quickly won the battle. Zeus then destroyed the city with meteorites. Ajax then advises Arkantos navigate to Ioklos Kingdom of the centaur Chiron , to repair his boat. When he arrived, he discovered that the port was attacked and that the inhabitants were enslaved by Gargarensis, a war leader Cyclops , which makes them dig an entrance to the Tartarus . Arkantos enters underground, where he discovers that Gargarensis attempts to open a huge door. Worried, he managed to destroy the rams used by the Cyclops but gets stuck underground. He was able to join respectively three temples dedicated to Poseidon, Hades and Zeus, and manages to win the favor of the latter which helps him escape 2 .
Arkantos then finds in Egypt where he is forced to help the Amanra mercenary to fight bandits led by Kemsyt assassin. It tells them that the god Osiris was killed by his brother Seth , who helped Gargarensis and is planning to bring together the different parts of Osiris body to resurrect. In his sleep, Arkantos met Athena who reveals the designs of Gargarensis. Aided by Poseidon, the Cyclops tries to deliver the Titan Cronus (who was imprisoned by Zeus in Tartarus) to gain immortality. With the help of Arkantos, Chiron and Ajax, Amanra manages to resurrect Osiris, who defeated without evil army Gargarensis. The Cyclops then fled to Scandinavian lands. In the chasing, Arkantos found Ulysses under the influence of the curse of Circe and must fight to free his crew transformed into pigs 2 .
Arriving in the north, two dwarfs – Brokk and Eitri – guide them to Tartarus after the qu’Arkantos has helped to fight giants. An old man then gives them a banner able to reunite northern clans, but it proves to be the god Loki , who has partnered with Gargarensis, and the banner only attract their hostility clans. With the help of the Valkyrie Reginleif, they find Gargarensis that tries to open the third door of Tartarus. Inside, they are pursued by fire giants until Chiron sacrifices himself to save them. Meanwhile, Brokk and Eitri repaired the hammer of Thor that allows them to seal the door. Back on the surface, they managed to capture Gargarensis and kill it, and can then regain Arkantos Atlantis. While it carries the head Gargrensis on his ship, he discovers that Loki was trapped and that the Cyclops is not dead: it is now trying to open the fourth and final door that is on Atlantis. After a hard battle, managed to defeat Arkantos for good Gargarensis under the temple of Poseidon and dark Atlantis while in the ocean along qu’Arkantos the wrath of Zeus. To thank Arkantos, Athena made him a god 2 .

Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy considered a spinoff of Age of Empires which it incorporates many elements of gameplay in transposing them into an inspiring world of mythology and legends of Greece , of Egypt and countries Nordic 3 , 4 . Like its predecessors, the player must evolve a civilization across four ages – the age archaic , age classic , the Heroic Age and the mythical age – to unlock new technologies, buildings and units 3 , 5 . To win, the player must collect resources enabling it to build bases and to create an army capable of defeating the enemy 6 . Its gameplay is nonetheless different from that of the series Age of Empires through the introduction of greater differentiation among civilizations, new types of units such as heroes or mythical creatures and a unique system of deities unlock divine powers and technology.

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Age of Mythology Minimum System Requirements

CPU: PC with 450 MHz equivalent or higher processor
RAM: 128 MB of system RAM
GPU: 16 MB video card required
DX: DirectX 8.1
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/XP/2000 
Store: 1.6 GB available hard disk space
Sound: Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio

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