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The Stanley Parable is a mod of adventure game created in the Source engine developed by Davey Wreden and released in July 2011. A remastered in high definition as a separate game version including new story elements, was developed by Wreden and modeler Source William Pugh under the name of the development group called Galactic Cafe. This version was announced and approved through the process of Steam Greenlight in 2012 and launched in October 2013 for Microsoft Windows , in December 2013 for OS X , and in September 2015 for Linux and steamos .

Although both the mod as the game itself used the first-person perspective that is common in other games using the Source engine, no fighting or action sequences. Instead, the player controls the main character, Stanley, leading through a surreal environment, with each step being narrated; the narrator’s voice is that of British actor Kevan Brighting. The player has the opportunity to make numerous decisions about which roads to take, including decisions that contradict the instructions of the narrator, with every decision producing different stories and endings. Wreden conceived the game after considering that most games users confined to their rules, and considered developing a narrative to challenge that notion. In addition to acting Brighting voice as the narrator, Wreden created the amendment itself, initially as a personal project for his career, but soon expanded its release after showing it to friends and other players. The amendment received significant attention because represent a new variation for creating an adventure game within a game engine, and provided a narrative that gave to think and discuss with others about the nature of the election and predestination within video game.

The launch of the game itself in 2013, which re-created many of the original mod decisions within new environments while adding several new pathways that could make history. This version was also well received by critics and the press, who highlighted the excellent narration and system choices and consequences.

The game is presented to the player from a first person perspective. The player can move freely and perform actions with certain elements around as pressing buttons or open doors, but no other controls.

The story is presented to the player primarily through the voice of the narrator of the game, explaining that the protagonist Stanley works in an office building, and has the task of monitoring data on a computer screen and press buttons as required without questioning nothing. One day the screen turns off. Stanley, not sure what to do, start exploring the building and discover that no one is there.

At this moment, history is divided into numerous possibilities, based on the player ‘s choices. The narrator continues the story, but when the player reaches an area where a choice is possible, the narrator suggests Stanley which route to take. The player can choose to contradict the narrator and perform another action, forcing the narrative that suits this new direction that might make the player returned to the designated path or create a new account. For example, the first choice the player makes in the game is to open a pair: the narrator tells Stanley that you choose the left door; the player can choose to follow this narrative choice that keeps the narrator’s story about his line, or you can choose the right door, which makes the narrator is disturbed and the player is pressed to return to the right path. 1 There is a total of six possible endings in the original mod and Wreden indicates that it would take about an hour to the player experience them all. 2

Because of this, much of history is considered to be a lot to think about giving nature of decisions. 3 The story also breaks the fourth wall on several occasions when dealing with player decisions. 2

The commercial version of the mod does not alter the fundamental basis of the preliminary game or story, keeping several of the elections and the end of the original modification while adding new segments based on the player’s choices.

Davey Wreden, who was 22 at the time of release of the mod, was inspired to create The Stanley Parable about three years earlier in April after analyzing the typical stories told in video games and think it would be what would happen if the player out against storytelling; Wreden also saw this as an opportunity to head up the career as a game designer who had planned. 1 3 As a player, Wreden noticed that most games triple-A class then assumed too much about the experience and role player in the game, and did not give answers to the questions ” what if” the player could arise. 3 Wreden saw that most recent games more immersive stories or made them think more, including the series of Metal Gear Solid , Half-Life 2 , Portal , Braid , and BioShock , began trying to fill this gap, giving a reason to player to stop and get to think of the story rather than simply follow the movements. 3 Although his original intention was a personal project just to try to make a game that raises questions about why people play video games, found that there were other players who had been considering the same types of questions. 3 Then set out to create a game that is under discussion once the players have completed. 1 According to Wreden, its design document for the game was “Playing with the player’s mind in every way possible, despistándolo, or pretending he had an answer and then making it disappear like that in front of them.” 2

No previous experience with the Source engine, Wreden is mostly based on information and support forums and wikis on the Source Development Kit, teaching himself the basics. 3 Apart from the voice of Kevan Brighting, The Stanley Parable was completely created by Wreden. Wreden used an open audition process to find the narrator, and found that the application of Brighting was ideal for the game. 5 Brighting lent his voice in a single pass for Wreden. 1 Wreden wanted to keep as short as possible game to allow players to experience all end without having to spend huge amounts of time driving him to play. 1 The short game will also allow introducing final ridiculous and meaningless, like “and then everyone was happy!”, Which otherwise would insult the player and not a bad reward for completing a long game. 1 Most had conceived ideas were included, although some had to be removed because of its inability to include them within the Source engine. 3 In one case, Wreden wanted to include a point where the player would have had to press buttons as part of the narration and graphics feet had spoken, but could not find a way to link buttons on the keyboard to do this, but let the element there there like a puzzle “broken”; then it is flattered by this, as this gave players the impression that they had no control during the stage of the narrative. 1 Despite the success of the mod, Wreden considered that the whole project was tiring and suffocating for their professional ambitions 1 indicating that their efforts became more intense once he knew that other players were interested in the title. 3

Wreden initially tested the game with a friend before publishing the change in the ModDB website, a few weeks before graduating from college. 3 6 After graduating, Wreden had gone to Australia with the intention of opening a themed bar similar games to Mana Bar, which had worked for about a year, but their future plans changed with the success of the mod. 6 Wreden had started receiving several offers from others to help them to work in new games. Wreden also received job offers from larger developers he refused, and at that time was not “the type of scene” in which he wanted to work. 3 Instead, Wreden began gathering other independent programmers to create an enhanced version of The Stanley Parable and from there to create a whole new game in the future.

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Screenshots of The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 3.0 GHz P4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or AMD64X2 (or higher)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Video card must be 128 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon X800 or higher / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher / Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher – *NOT* an Express graphics card).
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

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