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Papers, Please (lit. papers, please ) is a video game created by the developer of independent video games Lucas Pope under his pseudonym 3909. The game focuses on the emotional charge of working ascustoms inspector in the fictional communist state of Arstotzka , deciding who or does not enter the country. 1 The game was released on August 8, 2013 for Microsoft Windows and OS X , 2 3 subsequently was released for Linux on February 11, 2014 and for iOS on December 12, 2014.

Papers, Please takes place in 1982 after a six – year war between the states fictional Arstotzka and Kolechia. The game mechanics focuses on the working life of an immigration inspector who works for the government Arstotzka at a border checkpoint located between Arstotzka and Kolechia. The player inspects the documents of immigrants arriving, having at their disposal several tools to determine whether the roles of these are in order, all with the goal of keeping out of the country to unwanted, such people as terrorists, criminals, spies or smugglers. When a discrepancy is discovered in a document, the player may question the applicant about the discrepancy, and possibly require more information, such as checking fingerprints or do a full body scanner. Sometimes the player will have the opportunity to arrest the applicants and even tried to bribe the applicants inspector.

At the end of each day, the player wins money based on how many people have been prosecuted (five credits for each individual Arstotzka accepted or rejected in accordance with the rules) with bribes collected, minus penalties for errors. Then the player must make a budget to know how to spend that money wisely for rent, food, heat, and other housing needs of low class for him and his family. As relations between Arstotzka and neighboring countries have deteriorated (sometimes due to the terrorist attacks), little by little they are adding new rules, such as refusing entry to citizens of certain countries or require current documentation of own citizens. The player is challenged with moral dilemmas as you progress in the game, four such as: allowing entry to the alleged wife of a citizen without any documents, thus risking a terrorist enter the country.

A mysterious organization known as Ezic also appears with several of his coming to the booth asking the inspector to help them overthrow the current government with a new member. The player can decide whether or not to help them .

The game features a story mode with twenty possible endings depending on the player ‘s actions. Also it includes a random unlockable mode without end.

Papers, Please was developed by Lucas Pope in November 2012, working with the programming language Haxe and NME framework , with both applications open source . 5 Lucas Pope is an American immigrant who lives in Japan, and as such has had to deal with immigration issues on their trips. This thought their migration experiences (described by himself as “tense”) could materialize in a game. 1 3 Before the release of the game Pope issued a form to the public, where people could put their names; These names were subsequently randomly assigned to immigrants game. Papers, Please was presented to Greenlight Steam on April 11, 2013, giving the green light on May 1. 5 6

Pope has expressed its intention to take the game to iPad, and is considering bring it to PlayStation Vita , but noted that hand, there are several related to the user interface of the game that can be renewed challenges.

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Screenshots of Paper Please

Paper Please Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or later.
CPU: 1.5 GHz Core2Duo.
RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: OpenGL 1.4 or better.
Storage: 100 MB available space.
Additional Notes: Minimum 1280×720 screen resolution.

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