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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (hereinafter Mafia ) is a third-person shooter linear openworld, developed by the company Czech Illusion Softworks in 2002 for PC , PlayStation 2 and Xbox . In it, the player takes the role of Thomas Angelo , a taxi driver that looks almost forced to join the criminal organization that takes Don Salieri . The game is set between 1930 and 1938 , during the era of Prohibition and the growth of mafias ItalianAmerican inUnited States .

In 1938, Thomas Angelo enters a bar of Lost Heaven. He has been with Norman a detective of the police, to propose a deal will tell everything about the band Mafia of Don Salieri if the police provides protection to him and his family. However, the reticent police want to hear the whole story of Thomas in the band, so this starts to tell.

In 1930, Thomas was making an overnight stop in his humble job as a taxi driver, and thinking about his life in those difficult times. Then he heard a crash, and two armed men forced him into the taxi and flee from their pursuers. Once achieved, he was forced to take them to the bar of Don Salieri, giving a very good compensation, and making an offer to join the band. However, Thomas declined the offer and went home. The next day, after a hard morning’s work as a taxi driver in the city, Thomas made a stop in Little Italy. But it lasted little, since two gangstersThey tried to beat him up; certainly for helping the men escape Salieri night. Thomas managed to escape and ran to take refuge in the bar of Salieri, who was near; his men by the pursuers were made immediately. They were men of Morello, the rival Salieri. Chief Thomas did not want anything from anyone associated with the Mafia, so Thomas, known from then on as Tommy, joined the band of Don Salieri , knowing its members: Sam and Paulie (the gangsters night before), Frank Colletti (the consigliere family, lawyer and head of the legal part), Vincenzo (man arms family), Ralph (the mechanic of the Don), Luigi (the bartender of Salieri)) and own Don Salieri.

Thereafter, Tommy, starting from the bottom, began to take charge with Paulie and Sam, of missions entrusted him the Don, mainly engaged in harm’s rival Salieri organization, Don Morello, and other routine work such as raising the tax protection in various locations in the city. One of them, the motel outside Clark was taken by men of Morello, wounding Paulie and trying to talk to Sam to death. Tommy managed to deal with them, get Sam trouble and collect money.

In 1932 Tommy for his driving skills, had to take to fix a race car of a European driver, who was running the next day in a race in which Don and his people had opted for another driver. So Tommy took the car to Self Lucas Bertone in the Down Town neighborhood. This modified it to run less, and locked a beneficial friendship: Lucas responsible from then small favors, and in return, Tommy would receive free best cars last generation, teaching tricks to violate the locks on these cars.

The next day, the runner who had bet the Don dawned with a beating, so Salieri commissioned Tom winning that race, which fully met and gave already a good position in the family.

Shortly thereafter, Luigi, the manager of the bar, begged to Tommy that accompany Sarah, her daughter during her drive home, because the night before he was assaulted by a troublemaker. Upon entering the bar nearby alleys, they were assaulted by the same troublemaker, armed now, of which Tommy realized quickly. However, I ended up injured, so Sarah takes him home to heal. In the end they fall in love and end up sleeping and having sex. The next day, Don, indignant, wants revenge, and sent Tommy and Paulie to give a good lesson to the band that attacked Sarah the day before. Thanks to the indications of the snitches, Locate the band in Chinatown and began revenge. However, one of the thugs did not end as dead as believed, provoking the wrath of Salieri, and bad luck of Tommy, since that did die, he was the son of an influential politician, who after that wanted him dead Tommy. This Alderman came to where it was thanks to Morello and is who comes to try to sink the Salieri.

Was discovered, suddenly, there was a snitch between the band of Salieri, a prostitute who worked in the Corleone Hotel whose owner also was not paying to Salieri for the benefit of Morello. So, in an attempt to meet two important objectives, Salieri ordered Tommy to take over both, the prostitute and the hotel located in the Down Town owner. However, Tommy acknowledged the prostitute and pitied her, saying, though, that not step back to Lost Heaven. This was the first big mistake of Tom. Then put a bomb in the hotel and escaped across the rooftops, chased by the police. But with the bad luck you will come to the church where the funeral was being held for the death of Billy, the son of influential alderman, funeral ending in a slaughter, with Tommy Don escaping the bar in a hearse.

A year later, after an operation of smuggled alcohol that ended in shooting at a farm outside the city, with Sam wounded and rescued by Tom and Paulie, another informer was discovered in the organization: this time it was Frank, the consigliere. Tommy had to take care of his quick death, while Don Salieri was very hurt. Not only was his consigliere Frank and his best friend, but also had the books that could lead to Don Salieri to jail. Frank hunt ended at the airport, where Frank confessed that the police officers, working with the band Morello, had his kidnapped family, so he had been forced to collaborate. After rescuing his family, Tommy allowed them to go to Europe, Lying to Salieri on the death of Frank.

Time passed, Tommy had married Sarah and had a daughter, and continued to carry out missions for Salieri. One day, the driver of the gift became ill and Tommy is in charge of carrying Salieri to New Ark, the restaurant Pepe, much loved by Salieri. But Morello men ambushed them and tried to assassinate gift. Tommy came as he could and killed all the attackers, and was when Salieri realized that the charge of these mobsters was his driver himself, to which Tommy killed him later. Salieri later decided that the attack was a sign of a direct confrontation and open warfare with Morello starts. The first step is to take the support of society, for which Tommy infiltrated a steamboatThe Queen of Lost Heaven, and killed the councilman whose son died in the persecution of Chinatown. After that, hunting Morello’s brother, Sergio, who controlled unions in the port begins. But after several failed attempts by Paulie and Tom, Salieri orders the work to others. But these fail and eventually Tommy realizes the lucky bastard in the port, located in the Works Quarter. After the fall of his brother, came the turn of Don Morello, who fell at the airport after trying to escape from Lost Heaven, but his plane was shot in the wings for Tommy and Sam doing this to fall and Morello dies carbonized.

With the death of Morello, in 1938, Salieri wanted to gain control of the city, for which orders the murder of a mayoral candidate who posed a danger to the organization. With the well-established band in the city, he ordered Sam, Paulie and Tommy to steal a cigar in port; However, during the course of the mission, Tommy and Paulie discovered that, in fact, the boxes contained diamonds. Feeling cheated and betrayed, they decide to make a bank robbery on their own without commenting on anything to anyone.

The robbery is successful, but the next day the money disappears and Paulie is dead. Tommy, scared, receives a call from Sam, who asks for help, and this offered that were in the Art Gallery of Central Island, in compensation for the two times that Tommy had saved his life.

Upon arrival, Sam revealed that the Don had learned all the bank robbery, leaving alive both the prostitute and Frank (and they were killed later). Now turn to die was for Tommy. Despite the gallery was crowded with men of Salieri, the end Tommy managed to kill them all, and when alone, face to face with Sam, try to change his mind, but as Sam no return: Then a shooting begins death between Tommy and Sam. Tommy finally manages to seriously injure Sam, then Sam says , ” Frank, was the only friend of Don, friendship is not worth a shit”After these last words of Sam, Tommy ends up killing him with three shots, after which escapes with Sarah and the girl and get an appointment with Norman, as seen in the introduction.

This got him protection, Salieri sentenced to life imprisonment and all his band scattered and imprisoned. Tommy welcomed the witness protection program, bringing a new life with his family in the anonymity it provides a false identity in the city of Empire Bay. However, in the decade of the 50 , an older Tommy is in the backyard of Greenfield (Empire Bay) when approached by two men. One of them shoots him with a bang stick after another tells you that come from Salieri. In Mafia 2, we discover who were the murderers of Tommy and who commissioned it.

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Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 1.4 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 3D Graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Compatibility notice: Windows 8 and above require DirectPlay. Windows XP 64-bit is not supported.

Game Size = 1.3 GB

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