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Kentucky Route Zero is an episodic indie – Point-and-Click – Adventure – computer game , which in a magical reality plays. It was developed by Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy (Cardboard Computer). To start with $ 6,500 (5,968.2 euro; 6,461.2 Swiss francs) to fund budgeted development, both launched on January 7, 2011, a crowd funding ; action on Kickstarter which (a total of 8,583 US dollars 7,880.8 euro, Swiss franc 8531.8) occupied. [2] On October 17, 2012, first appeared trailer . [3] The game is divided into five acts and acts of the van drivers Conway and the mysterious people he meets as he tries to find the fictional Route Zero to deliver a package.

The first act was on January 7, 2013 the official website and Steam published. On May 31, the second act was published. [4] Less than a year later, on May 6, 2014 Act III was released. [5] It was not until about two years after Act III, on July 19, 2016 published Act IV.

Kentucky Route Zero is a point-and-click game and has text-based dialogues. There are no puzzles or challenges, as the main focus of the game is on the history and atmosphere. The player controls Conway with the mouse to move it to another location or to interact with other characters or objects. The player can also choose between different response options in the dialogs. In the first act we can Conway, when he’s done in a place with his truck to drive to a different location. It is shown the player a card on which the Interstate 65 and other roads and places can be found to which he must, depending on the instruction to navigate. [7] Kentucky Route Zero is divided into five episodes, the game acts mentioned. Between the first and the second act the free mini episode appeared Limits & demonstration and after the second act The Entertainment . [8] [9] The third mini-episode Here and there Along the Echo was published on October 30, 2014.

Conway arrives at the Equus Oils gas station and meets an old man, the owner of the station, named Joseph. This informs Conway that the only way to Dogwood Drive via the mysterious Route Zero, and asks the circuit breaker to repair the gas station to find their way to the computer. Conway goes to the basement of the station and meets three people who play a strange game at a table, but completely ignore him. He finds her lost cubes, but the players have suddenly disappeared and thus free the way to restore the electricity. When he asked Joseph about the strange man, this suggested that Conway probably a hallucination had. Conway uses the computer to get directions to the Marquez farm. On this he wants to talk to Weaver Marquez, the more familiar with the roads as the attendant. Before Conway makes itself back on the road, Joseph invites an old TV in the truck to take him to Weaver. Conway goes to the house of Marquez and meets Weaver. She asks some questions Conway and he asks for a description of Navigation Route Zero, but it should first of all connect the TV. When he looks at the screen, he sees a vision of an exceptional farm and faints. When he wakes up, informing him Weaver that her cousin Shannon repaired television. She gives him directions to the Route Zero and disappears suddenly.

As Conway arrives at the place, he discovers that this is an abandoned mine shaft is. He meets Shannon Marquez who is looking in the mines for something. Conway decides to help Shannon and both go together deeper into the mine down. For this they use a public address system to the precise depth measurements. Unfortunately, the cause sound waves from collapsing. One leg of Conway is injured and Shannon uses a trolley to exit along with Conway the shaft. When the bag light is turned off while driving, wandering ghostly visions are miners to see. Before both leave the mine, Shannon Conway leaves you alone and goes a little further the mineshaft down. There they discovered a pile of miners helmets. Shannon is then returned quickly, however, Conway told nothing of their find. Both go to Shannon’s workshop and then back to Marquez ‘farm. There revealed Shannon that the loan debt of the Marquez family led to Weaver fled. When Shannon tries to repair the old TV, Conway looks back inside. This time, the image of the farm begins to distort and causes an access to Route Zero opens up. Thus the first act ends.

The second act begins with an introduction in which Lulu Chamberlain (a fictional installation artist whose works in the additional content Limits & demonstration of Kentucky Route Zero are seen [11] [12] ), a rejection letter from the Gaston Trust for Imaginary Architecture (Gaston Trust Imagined for Architecture) receives. After reading the message, Chamberlain goes through a series of proposals for restructuring of places, away from its current function as a change from a basketball court to a dog kennel.

After this introduction, the focus of the story is re-directed to Conway, Shannon and the dog, with the chosen name of the player. You arrive at a five-story building where the office for complaining places (Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces) is established. At the reception they are told that they only get directions on Dogwood Drive, if they get a picture message from the office. The receptionist suggests that they visit Lulu Chamberlain, which is currently the office manager. After a series of bureaucratic detours it comes to meeting the three Chamberlain. She informs them that the directions on Dogwood Drive is in another storage facility, which is located in an old church. In addition, she advises Conway to visit because of his injured leg, the doctor Doctor Truman. At the storage facility Conway maintains about hobbies with the caretaker of the building and heard a recording of a sermon about the virtue of hard work. Meanwhile, Shannon finds the file, after which they seek. When they left the building, Conway collapses due to his injury and Shannon decides that the top priority is to find Doctor Truman to be treated Conway.

Upon returning the office the receptionist told that Doctor Truman is in the Museum of dwellings (Museum of Dwellings) to find. The group leaves the Route Zero and returns to the Route 65. As they search the museum, they meet a boy named Ezra. This tells them that the doctor now living in the forest, and offers them to fly with his huge Adler Julian there. The group accepted his offer. After a walk through the strange illusory forest they find Doctor Truman’s house. Doctor Truman told Conway that his injury is serious, but treatable. He prescribes him an anesthetic called Neurypnol TM. The second act ends by Conway by the drug loses his consciousness and the walls of the house, retire in a vision to reveal the forest behind it.

The third act of Kentucky Route Zero starts with a dream of a past conversation of Conway with Lysette, his boss. Both remember a tragic event with Charlie, Lysettes son. Lysette informed Conway on a new delivery, which must be made, which is also the last for Lysettes antique shop. Conway wakes up from sleep into which he has fallen by the drug Neurypnol TM by Dr. Truman. It is located in the house of the doctor. As Conway looks down at him, he sees that his injured leg was replaced with a strange skeletal limb glowing yellow. After returning to the Museum of dwellings (Museum of Dwellings) which is closed at night, Conway, Shannon and Ezra continue to look for Lula Chamberlain in Conway’s car. A little later, the engine of the truck will be. While Shannon calls a tow truck, the musicians Johnny and Junebug come on a motorcycle sidecar past them. After a short discussion, they decided to help and get their trucks back up and running the group. In return, they should follow them to the Lower Depths bar to watch her performance. Together they travel to the bar and Harry, the bartender gives them the direction instructions back to Route Zero. After the show Johnny and Junebug decide to accompany Conway, Shannon and Ezra in their journey on.

On the way to Route Zero the group at a big cave comes with a spire over, the “Cave of the Mountain King” (Hall of the Mountain King). There you will find different types of old-fashioned electronics, partially intact, defective or burning. They meet an older man named Donald who has apparently focused entirely on a large computer project. This ” mold Computers” enhances its performance by black mold growing in it. On the computer the extensive simulation software “Xanadu” is running. Donald claims that Lula, accurate as it is one of the designers of Xanadu and that she left some time ago. There are, however, find them with Xanadu a possibility. However, the program does not seem to work properly because of having committed the so-called strangers (Strangers) sabotage of the machine, according to Donald. The group must travel to the place from which the foreigners come to ask (Place Where the Strangers Come From), and for their help. Conway and Shannon reisen to strangers, away from the scene and return to the Hall of the Mountain King (Hall of the Mountain King) to Xanadu to repair back and track Lula. With the help of Donald’s Lula takes the route to Dogwood Drive and asks the group to Conway them at the Office for complaining places (Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces) to meet.

After arriving at the district Conway gets the directions given by a Lula ferry ride starts on the river at the Office. While the group is waiting for the ferry, told Conway what happened during the conversation with the stranger. Shannon and he is with a hidden elevator to a subterranean whiskey factory driven, led by remarkable, and blurred luminous skeletons similar to Conway new leg. In the factory Conway is mistaken for a new truck drivers and this pushed a very expensive whiskey to drink. Thus he is forced to work as a delivery driver for the foreigners to pay off the drink. The third act ends with the arrival of the ferry, on the apparently a woolly mammoth sitting.

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Kentucky Route Zero Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows 7.
Processor:1 GHz or better.
Ram Memory:512 MB RAM.
Graphics : Directx 9.0c compatible video card.
DirectX® : 9.0c.
Hard Drive:250 MB HD space.
Sound:Sound card

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