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Fantastic Four is a beat them up activity experience computer game in view of the 2005 Fantastic Four film. Players play as the characters of the Marvel Comics superhuman group Fantastic Four utilizing combos and extraordinary assaults to battle their way through crowds of foes and supervisors. Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Julian McMahon repeat their parts for the diversion. The Nintendo DS form was arranged, however was crossed out.

The Fantastic Four is a globally eminent gathering of superhuman champions. Each of the characters has an uncommon ability:[1]

Mr Fantastic can move his body (or bits of same) into a super-pliable state, empowering him to extend, contract, disfigure, grow, stretch, pack or generally reshape his physical shape at his will .[2]

Imperceptible Woman has the capacity to twist light and at last end up noticeably undetectable (completely or halfway) voluntarily. She additionally has supernatural forces and the capacity to extend drive vitality from her body.[3]

The Human Torch can control fire. He for the most part enables his whole body to be immersed on fire considering his body can maintain the largest amounts of warmth. Another capacity of his is flight, which players can use in the game.[4]

The Thing is inconceivably solid and has an outside more grounded than precious stones. Ben Grimm can convey overwhelming articles easily, as players will discover while playing as this character.[5]

The diversion incorporates various scalawags and characters not included in the motion picture, a considerable lot of whom depend on their Ultimate Universe renditions like the Yancy Street Gang, Nick Fury, Mole Man, Diablo, Puppet Master, Dragon Man, Blastaar, and Annihilus.

The amusement starts with Reed, Sue, and Johnny on a rooftop lying powerless in the wake of being thumped oblivious by an impact from Doctor Doom. Sue is the first to recoup, so when she sits up and pivots, Dr. Fate is getting ready to flame an electric impact at them. Sue holds it off with her power field and calls Ben Grimm for help. At that point it removes to Ben, who is recouping in the change chamber in the wake of having his rocklike outside hereditarily expelled from him. As he examines why the conditions have prompted this, he recollects the period when the greater part of this happens.

This is the point at which it returns to the start of the motion picture: Reed signs the settlement, they go into space, and Ben prepares the examples. In space, they are hit by an inestimable tempest which adjusts their DNA and gives them superpowers. On the off chance that it hadn’t been for Victor, they may never have landed back to Earth and into his medicinal compound, where they recuperated. At the point when Ben finds that he has turned into a beast like figure, he leaves the other three and heads home.

Ben keeps running out of control to attempt to quiet himself. This brings the armed force to New York under the control of a profound, dim, evil figure who is yet to be uncovered and they endeavor to gain Ben under power. Be that as it may, after Ben and the other three protect a fire truck from tumbling off the Brooklyn Bridge, the powers lay off and watch the Fantastic Four to check whether they wind up noticeably threatening.

Reed endeavors to discover another power source, yet is hindered by a call for help. It appears that weird animals have attacked Grand Central Station and the police appear to have no impact against them. The Fantastic Four prevent the animals from attacking the city and face their pioneer, the Mole Man and his forceful pet. Due to the express decimation caused by their battle with this goliath creature, the city is wrecked and Victor points the finger at Reed for this chaos.

With Ben close by, Reed embarks to recognize their transformation and conceivably cure them of it. He builds a machine with Victor’s assistance which will utilize astronomical beams to turn around the flag being sent through their bodies by the change. He at that point swings to sources to control this machine and distinguishes a vast meteor that arrived in the wilderness of southern Mexico. They go to Tikal to recover this meteor when they experience Diablo, who wants to have this meteor so he can saddle its energy to overcome the world. The Fantastic Four thrashing him and bring the meteor back, however its energy is lacking to control the machine. Afterward, Victor welcomes Sue to the opening of his Egyptian wing in the gallery that night.

While they are there, Alicia Masters is abducted by the mummy animals who have become animated by the Puppet Master, which tosses Ben into a shock. Reed plans to impair the security framework to free her, however they need to manage enlivened mummies and dinosaurs. They free Alicia yet wind up crushing a large portion of the historical center while repulsing the restored animals, which irritates Victor forever.

In his last endeavor to lighten his outrage towards them, he has a discussion with Sue in which he endeavors to discover why she keeps on remaining with Reed. She says she can’t forsake them since they’re her family now, which prompts Victor to send Doombots after them to obliterate them after they complete their gathering. The four have a huge fight in Times Square, which they almost decimate with the assistance of the VDI Mechs, inciting the puzzling figure, AKA Nick Fury, to take them to the Vault jail for their sheltered keeping.

They touch base there and are isolated until the point when Dragon Man chooses to break out and cause express disorder. The Fantastic Four’s security frameworks are deactivated and they endeavor to reestablish arrange. They are fruitful in their main goal so when they achieve the passageway at the highest point of the jail, they experience Fury who consents to discharge them on one condition: that they discover the end result for his research facility.

Upon their entry, Reed derives that something has influenced the natural particles and transformed them to its inclination. This animal, known as Annihilus discovers him and Ben and they overcome him and kill the change of the lab. It is at the finish of this mission that the Fantastic Four acquire a bus from Nick so as to movement to the space station where they were changed.

When they arrive, they find it has been assumed control by changed plants and insectoid animals and they should obliterate the station subsequent to acquiring the power source they have to wrap up Reed’s change chamber. This ends up being fruitful and the machine is fueled up to its most extreme.

With this learning, Victor goes to the Baxter Building with the goal to crush the Fantastic Four. He sets Reed’s security frameworks against them and draws Ben to the change chamber where he takes his energy. The staying three battle against an upgraded Dr. Fate yet his energy is excessively incredible and they are vanquished. Ben, be that as it may, feels loathsome for leaving his companions since he needed to look typical once more, so he chooses to re-enter the change chamber and transform over into the Thing. Dr. Fate is going to annihilate them when Ben breaks out onto the rooftop and viciously assaults him, enabling his partners to recoup. They tumble to the road and the other three go along with them there to complete Doom for the last time.

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Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (NT & 95 not supported)
VIDEO CARD: 100% DirectX 9.0c compliant 32 MB video card (NVIDIA GeForce 2 or better/ATI Radeon 7200 or better)
DIRECTX VERSION: 9.0c (included with product)
FREE DISK SPACE: 3.5 GB of uncompressed free disk space (plus 400 MB for Windows swap file)

Game Size = 390 MB

Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Any Help With Installation Please Visit Installation Help Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Common Errors Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

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