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Company of Heroes 2 Download PC Game Free For Windows 10 and All Other Windows Versions. Company of Heroes 2 Release Date is June 25, 2013 and is a Real-time strategy Game. You Will Find Gameplay, Reviews and Other Useful Information of Game Here.

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay

The game engine is largely identical to the first part. The lead game developer Quinn Duffy described the gameplay as follows: “Wins should be tactical. We want players to win by playing smart and taking advantage of the environment. ”

Raw materials
The resource system of the first part has been modified. Players will still need to capture flag points scattered around the map in order to obtain ammunition and fuel necessary to recruit new units. Manpower is used to request all units, infantry and tank guns only cost manpower. Ammunition is used to upgrade individual units and activate abilities. Fuel is used to build vehicles and acquire global improvements.

Instead of infantry units capturing the flags immediately, it is now sufficient for the units to be within a certain radius without any enemy contact. The flag points are not predefined, so that the player holding them can decide for himself whether to generate labor, ammunition, fuel or to set up a field hospital . The acquisition of resources and the size of the army accelerate with the number of flag points captured.

Civilian buildings can be occupied by infantrymen and used as temporary bases. Entrenched units can be fought with artillery, flamethrowers and hand grenades. The damage system for buildings from the first part has been expanded. Set fire to wooden buildings burn to the ground.

The main Soviet building is the Regimental Field Headquarters , from which recruits and pioneers are recruited. Wounded units can be healed in field hospitals.

The main building of the German Eastern Army is the battle group headquarters . As in the first part, the Wehrmacht headquarters can be expanded by three levels to unlock the other four buildings of the Eastern Army: the infantry company, the light mechanized company, the support combat group and the heavy tank corps.

Combat system
The combat system in Company of Heroes 2 has been expanded. The battles include both controllable units that can be recruited and commanded directly by the player, as well as support actions that can be activated, such as artillery strikes and close air support . Every controllable unit, whether infantry or vehicle, has a construction cost and a manufacturing time as well as firing ranges. All units can be expanded to include specific skills (such as hand grenade throwing ) and equipment (such as armored aprons ).

Most combat operations take place by direct fire within sight of the units. As with Company of Heroes , positions that provide cover for soldiers and support units are indicated by colored dots. Infantry units can climb over low obstacles such as fences and walls. Unmanned or abandoned weapon systems can be taken over and repaired. Through the veteran system, the player can provide his units with additional combat skills and improved combat strength.

Crew-operated weapon systems such as anti-tank guns , machine guns, and mortars can be manned by new units once the original crew has been wiped out. The game also offers the opportunity to complete side missions, which is rewarded with an inverted triangular icon. Since the Red Army used a large number of recruits during the war, a certain number of recruits can also be ordered at predefined points in the game.

The game engine Essence 3.0 introduced the TrueSight system, which calculates the simulation of the field of view of units. In contrast to the fog of war concept used by other strategy games, TrueSight simulates the visibility and shading through buildings and terrain more precisely depending on the capabilities of the respective units. The game engine supports both the programming interfaces of DirectX 9 to 11 from Microsoft and offers new possibilities for the destruction of the environment.

Weather conditions are a newly introduced game factor that is simulated by the ColdTech weather system. Since most of the fighting on the Eastern Front took place in winter weather, infantry units can die of frostbite and hypothermia if they are outdoors for long periods in frosty weather. A thermometer on the left side of the unit shows the body temperatureof soldiers. The soldiers can rewarm their bodies around campfires or in buildings. When wading through deep snow, units move at reduced speed unless they are walking on a road. Footsteps remain recognizable for the opponent. On some maps there are frozen bodies of water that can be walked on and crossed and which allow additional movements. However, units located on frozen waters can be attacked and the ice can break through fire under the weight of the units.

Theater of War
The newly introduced Theater of War campaign consists of a series of 18 missions for individual and co-op players that deal with different aspects of the fighting on the Eastern Front in 1941, half from the perspective of the Wehrmacht and half of the Red Army. Further missions from 1942 onwards are offered as downloadable content. One of these expansions is the Blue case , which is reserved for buyers who pre-ordered the game or purchased the Red Star Edition . The blue case is about the summer offensive of the Axis powers on the southern eastern front.

Game developer Quinn Duffy said that the extensive history of World War II on the Eastern Front was a good way to tell other stories of the war.

Command 227
The campaign also covered the of Josef Stalin pronounced command no. 227 ( “No step back”), which allowed a withdrawal unless directed by a high-ranking officer. From the fourth mission, which deals with the Battle of Stalingrad , Command 227 has a direct influence on Frontowiki units. A time bar appears on the left side of the map display. For the duration indicated by this, the player may not order a retreat. Otherwise appears political officer of the NKVD from headquarters and kills back one by one until the soldiers on the battlefield.


Company of Heroes 2 System Requirements

  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Processor: 2Ghz Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent
  • Graphics: 512MB Direct3D 10 capable video card (GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 2900XT)
  • OS: 32bit Vista
  • Internet: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 30GB free Hard disc space

Download Size = 3.3 GB

Game RAR Password =


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