Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download

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Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download
Watch Dogs (stylized as WATCH_DOGS ) is a video game in the action-adventure genre with an open world and elements of stealth game . Developed by the studio Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft . It was released on 27 May 2014 for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One , while a Wii U version is expected to released in the last quarter of 2014. The game’s action takes place in a fictionalized version of Chicago in Illinois , where the story follows a hacker and his quest for revenge for his niece’s death. The open world allows the player to move freely in Chicago, including downtown, suburbs, slums and country.
The game is played from a third person perspective, and the game is controlled by foot or by vehicle. The player controls the character Aiden Pearce, who can hack into CTOs, a centralized computer system that controls the hyper-connected city of Chicago. The player can choose to play for or against the law – as criminal or civil guards . There is also an online multiplayer game where up to eight players can cooperate or compete in different ways.
Privacy, control, and information is the basis on which the plot rests, seeing too to protect others. The Blume, in fact, is not limited to the cameras on the street and to the data, but notes every single person who has phones, web cams or other devices connected to the network in their home, something already seen in the novel 1984 , where every action and word was observed. The themes are very contemporary, linking the recent events which have seen the NSA spy on millions of calls, emails and more in the scandal of Datagate . Citizens paranoid prefer to live in the provinces, where the control of Blume seems limited, but it is not. In the world of Watch_Dogs a single piece of information, an image or a movie can lead to the death of hundreds of people. The information is worth more than life itself, creating a cycle of violence where the goal of the characters is, in fact, the possession of sensitive data.
Aiden Pierce and Damien Brenks organize a “hit computer” at the luxury hotel Merlaut, against a group of wealthy. In doing so found a strange encrypted video, but just before you understand something, the two are interrupted by a hacker who sneaks into the network, triggering the alarm. The bad intercepts them and decides to punish them: Aiden, in the car with her sister and her two grandchildren, are the victim of an ambush in a tunnel, resulting in the death of the little Lena. Damien is instead tracked down and crippled.
A year later, Aiden is the man who fired at his car by killing her granddaughter. The man, whose name was Maurice Vega says that they just wanted to scare Aiden and do not kill the child. Aiden does it take into custody at his companion Jordi, a hit man of Asian origin, hoping that it is time to dissolve the language further.
Some time later, Nicky’s sister, Aiden, he receives an anonymous phone call, where she is told that it is always observed, hinting that someone could come to his house and do harm to her or her son Jacks (still traumatized by the death of sister). Aiden investigates the anonymous phone call and the man asks for help to track down the most skilled hackers in the area: Badboy17, a member of DedSec, a group of hackers who are fighting against Blume, the company that created the CTOs.
Aiden finds the man and kills him, only to discover that the phone is hidden behind his old Damien. Meanwhile, Aiden Jordi offers a job to do by her chauffeur to a man who is in trouble, that’s how Aiden ago Acquaintances with the boss of Chicago: Lucky Quinn, who finally kills the boy. Lucky had hired the boy to retrieve some information, but having done the alarm has chosen him out. Aiden knows that Quinn is a dangerous man, and that if they kill him, he would do a big favor in Chicago, but decides to leave.
To demonstrate his confidence, Badboy17 Aiden reveals his identià to meeting him in person is a woman named Clara and Lille. Aiden helps her to infiltrate the network to find out where Damien and the two finally manage to meet for the first time after that unfortunate blow to the hotel … it was all a test to see if Aiden still had the capacity of a time.
Damien says he has a track and being almost managed to discover the identity of the hacker who made the alarm that night, but Aiden does not care and goes.
Yet another problem: a certain Raul Lionzo was present when Aiden had “discussed” with the man behind the accident car, and is ready to testify against him negotiating the terms with the police. Thanks to the support of Jordi, Aiden is introduced into the prison, located Raul and the threat … but leaving the protagonist has a surprise: Nicky Jacks was kidnapped and disappeared. Another Scam Damien to force him to play his game.
Find the child who was hiding on a train (Jacks like trains), but not her sister, Aiden makes a pact with Damien: will help you find the hacker in exchange for the woman.
After the destruction of his lair, Aiden gets help from Clara (aka Badboy17) and manages to find “the bunker” means the place where Blume tested the first version of CTOs. Leveraging this network here, they discover that you need to Damien may be in the Rossi-Freemont, a number of abandoned buildings in the infamous Chicago, controlled by the Black Viceroys.
By taking advantage of certain records, Aiden forces Tyrone, nicknamed “Bedbug”, cousin of the infamous Iraq, the head of the Black Viceroys, to help him. Compels him to sneak in the palaces and arrived in the main server room, to recover a piece of video that many people seem to hold much. Tyrone is discovered by Iraq and threatened, but will survive.
After much research, Aiden manages to find and recruit Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney, the creator of CTOs, a legend among hackers. The idea is to steal all the information that Iraq has in his fortress, but to do so must first delete T-Bone CTOs from the system so that it can go back to Chicago without setting off all the alarms in the country. Here Aiden makes a discovery: Damien and he is selling T-Bone to Blume.
Aiden succeeds in its intent and finds that Iraq was blackmailing the entire city with the information gleaned through the CTOs. The trade of drugs and weapons were nothing compared to the power of blackmail: Iraq held in his hand politicians, police and enemies of all kinds. And it was he, along with Lucky Quinn to order the attack that killed Lena.
Removed Iraq, Aiden back to the base but unfortunately it’s all over: the newly retrieved data to be delivered to Damien for the life of her sister, are stolen by a hacker named Defait, he also discovers that Clara has given information to the enemies of Aiden and hunting without thinking twice, you’ll discover later that Clara’s intentions were good. Meanwhile, Aiden goes to eliminate Defalt, which proves to be a tough nut to crack, having control of CTOs and other fixer at his disposal.
Retrieves the data and found out where Nicky, Aiden save his sister and the door out of town along with Jacks. Meanwhile T-bone, analyzing the data, he discovers that behind it all there’s Lucky Quinn host of different clubs in the city and in the same hotel Merlaut. Removed from Aiden, in his last moments of life, the old Lucky explains the nature of the mysterious encrypted video: The video shows the mayor Rushmore, puppet Quinn, at the moment that kills his wife, Rose Washington. It’s his cover-up the cause of everything … and Clara is going to suffer the consequences.
Aiden tries to reach Clara as soon as possible, but the girl dies under the blows of men Damien, before the tomb of Lena, where she used to always leave flowers.
Damien takes control of CTOs, but Aiden off the entire system and not seen him reach the lighthouse, where there is also Jordi, passed to the highest bidder. Aiden throws below Jordi and kill Damien. Her ex-friend manages to survive and sends Aiden coordinates for Maurice Vega: the man who caused the death of Lena. Here the player can decide whether or not to kill Maurice: if his revenge or believe in his redemption, supported by the many recordings stranded in different places in the city.
After an entire game where Aiden has done what he wanted, everything closes with a monologue about how it is wrong to kill, and whether it is appropriate to decide who lives and who dies.
Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download


Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download


Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download


Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download


Watch Dogs Full Version PC Game Free Download
Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista SP2/7 SP1/8 64bit
Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q8400
Memory: 6GB
Hard disk space: 25GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX460/ATI Radeon HD5770
How to Install
1. Mount With Daemon Tools
2. Install Game
3. Download Fix
4. Install Update
5. Copy crack into folder game

How to Download
Click on Download Link
Wait for 10 Seconds Then Click on Download File Now
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