State of Decay Breakdown Free Download Full PC Game

State of Decay Breakdown Free Download Full PC Game

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State of Decay Breakdown Free Download Full PC Game
State of Decay , codenamed Class3  – a computer game in the genre of survival horror with open world , developed by studio Undead Labs . In the State of Decay player is invited to take control of a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse and ensure their salvation, including engaging in search of supplies, construction camps and move the world surrounded by a multitude of aggressive zombies . The game was released on Xbox 360 June 5, 2013 , and a version for Microsoft Windows November 5, 2013.
In 2009 , simultaneously with the formation of the studio Undead Labs , its founders announced that they will be engaged in the development of MMO for game consoles , dedicated to survival during a zombie apocalypse  . However, in February 2011 , when the studio developed the game was announced called Class3 , the developers said that the game will be a single-user and created exclusively for the service Xbox Live . In August 2012 there was a re-announcement of the game, now called State of Decay ; was announced that the game will not only network Xbox Live , but for the PC.
Unlike Left 4 Dead and Dead Island , State of Decay pays more attention to survival, stealth, Provisioning Team resources and promote the game world. The game will be fully open to explore the world, to dynamically change depending on the player decisions taken . Players have to survey the world area of 16 square kilometers .
Players can build watchtowers and barricades to protect against infected. Food, water, weapons, shelter and ammunition – everything you need for survival. To get all of this, the player must scour the shops and abandoned buildings. You can also find a group of other survivors, their resources to sell them or buy from them. Survivors themselves can be found in the area, near shops and different buildings.
A player can join with other survivors and together they will survive. One game last night 2:00 real time.
Undead Labs in January 2013 confirmed that the game State of Decay will not work on the PlayStation 3.
November 29 for the game came on the first expansion called Breakdown. Supplement added to the game and the opportunity to play a sandbox with a weak storyline.
State of Decay Breakdown Minimum System Requirements
Operating Sys: Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6600
HDD Free Space: 3GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600/ATI Radeon 2600XT

How to Download State of Decay Breakdown
Click on Download Link wait for 10 Seconds
Then click on “Download File Now”
Game Size = 1.8 GB
Game Rar Password =
Download Link

State of Decay Breakdown Free Download Full PC Game

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